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Name:Prim Everdeen
Location:Panem, District 12
Prim is the younger sister of Katness, who took her place as tribute in the 74th Hunger Games in Panem. The world is a dystopian future of North America, though we are never told, really, about the rest of the world. Given that they have hover craft, I find this odd...

Anyway, Panem, named for the Latin concept of panem et circenses - Bread and Circuses. The basic concept is that you feed the people just enough to make them appreciate the food, and look to you for the food, and you keep them entertained, and through this you maintain control.

In Panem, the Capitol is the ruling body, headed by president Snow, who keeps the people just hungry enough outside the Capitol that they cannot rise up, keeps them entertained with gladiatorial combat. Bread and Circuses, and ultimately, that's what the whole series is about, in multiple ways.

This is the world Prim "Little Duck" Everdeen grew up in. A world where her dad died when she was little and her mother mentally checked out, leaving her big sister to save them all. A world where at 13, her name was drawn to serve as a gladiator in the arena for the entertainment and punishment of all. A world where her sister took her place in the games to save her, and then had to go in again. A world where by age of 14 she knew what her sister had learned, that their mother was not strong enough to handle some things. At 14 she had to become an adult, as her sister had before her. But still.... still there is a childlike sweetness to her.

"This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at ten_fwd; I am not Prim Everdeen, who is the property of Suzanne Collens. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made."
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